The Pacific Andes saga: forum shopping, Chapter 11 and just and equitable winding up

‘Forum shopping’ can lead to some fierce jurisdictional battles particularly in insolvency where the choice can be stark between debtor and creditor friendly procedures. This is the scenario with which the BVI Commercial Court has been wrestling over the past 10 months in a series of liquidations of subsidiaries of the troubled Pacific Andes Group. This article examines the pragmatic approach of the BVI Commercial Court in this situation to ensure that to the extent a BVI company is affected by a Chapter 11 restructuring, the court appointed liquidator has the power to liaise and agree protocols if the plan is likely to achieve value for the creditors. On the other hand, it demonstrates that the BVI Commercial Court will not merely delegate its supervisory powers. The power of the BVI provisional liquidator to ensure a level playing field and prevent a company entering into Chapter 11 is a useful protective power in the appropriate circumstances. This article was first published by INSOL International in August 2017.

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